Dog Poop Bags


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You can clean up after your fuzzy friend in an naturally safe way with our environmentally friendly, corn-starch based and compostable Poop Bags. Pet waste is unavoidable but reducing single-use plastics is avoidable.  These waste bags are made from a corn starch blend and the rolls and box are recyclable cardboard. The bags are thick, puncture-resistant and leak proof to stand up to whatever your little buddy leaves behind. They are unscented and measure 9 x 12 inches.

Key Benefits

  • 10 rolls with 15 bags in each roll (150 bags total).
  • Compostable waste bags that are an environmentally safe way to clean up.  Bags can be composted along with organic waste.
  • Unscented bags contain high levels of plant matter.
  • Made out of plant fibers, vegetable oils and starch.
  • Bags are thick, puncture-resistant and leak proof and able to handle whatever your little friend leaves behind.
  • Measure 9 x 12 inches and feature a recycled cardboard core.
  • Recyclable packaging ♻️


Say no to plastic.  Buy with purpose.  A small change can make a big impact.