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A Note from the founder

My name is Dante Benedetti.  I was born in South Florida in 2014.  I am the founder of a small business that I named Little Hands for the Planet.  Little Hands for the Planet sells eco-friendly products.

Why did I start this business?  Well, I love animals and nature. With help from my parents, I go frequently to clean local beaches and parks.  I pick up a lot of plastic and garbage and it just keeps coming back.  The litter and plastic that people leave behind at our beautiful beaches and parks cause a lot of environmental problems and damage to our marine life.  Our planet is asking for help!  I try to motivate people to believe that everyone can make small changes every day to make a difference.  Just by saying no to things like plastic straws, you can help save a turtle and other marine life.

I hope you will join me on this journey to do more for our planet….say no to plastic!           


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